What To Expect

South Kansas City Baptist Church (SKCBC) embraces a concept of “Church as Community” and we seek to welcome everyone as family. We place a focus on building relationships with those around us and growing closer to God through those relationships. We are relaxed as a church and know that many people are still trying to figure out what they are looking for in a church.

Guests are welcome at SKCBC. Our goal is that “everyone is family and you can expect to be treated as such.” We do not have a particular dress code, but please dress modestly. On Sunday morning you will see some people in blue jeans and t-shirts, while others will be in suits or dresses.

Worship Service (9:00am): Our worship style on Sunday morning consists of a mix of classic hymns and contemporary praise and worship music. The worship leader plays an acoustic guitar and is typically supported by drums, electric guitar, piano, bass and additional singers.

The preaching is set up to speak to people where they are and to bring to light the Gospel of Christ and its relevance in everyday life. We invite you to be our guest and find out everything SKCBC has to offer!