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Belton Fall Festival Report

SKCBC sponsored a booth at the Belton Fall Festival on September 7th and 8th.  We were blessed and encouraged by the number of people who dropped by to participate in our activities.  We had 96 entries in our marble guessing game and gave away McDonald’s gift cards to the 5 with the closest guesses.  We…

3. What does the pastor do?

If you have ever wanted someone to guide you through the Bible, this would be a great opportunity.  This includes practical topics, an explanation of the scriptures and a helpful trip through the Bible.  The pastor’s goal is to help you understand what the Bible says.

2. What is the service like?

We try to make our worship authentic, informative and fun. We use a blended music style where the lights are high and the music is low. The songs include classic, modern and traditional, which means there is a fair chance that you will enjoy our service.